Hello Friends,

Trayce and I opened Hops and Habanas On Feb 1, 2009 in Madison.  A truly new retail concept at the time which proved to be successful. We opened the Fondren location in 2014 and created a Jackson destination spot.

We have truly enjoyed growing our business concept which has been modeled by others throughout the state. We have certainly had our fun, enjoyed serving our customers and developed many, many lasting friendships.

We made the decision that we wanted to retire from the retail business last fall. Since then we have been in discussions with multiple parties over the following months concerning the sale of the business or building.  We did not find a party to continue the business and subsequently have sold the property.

December is our last month that we will be providing full retail sales. It is difficult to be stepping away from a business we have put so much time and energy in over the past 12 years and has become beloved by so many. But without getting into details, there is just other things we would like to do more at this point in our lives.

So come see us while the doors are still open. We are putting price tags on fixtures for sale, and equipment and remaining inventory will go on sale after Christmas.

We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!

Rick and Trayce Miles