Pipe Tobacco
Hops and Habanas has an impressive selection of pipe tobacco. We have 15 jars (and counting)of loose pipe tobacco selections in addition to our pouch and tin inventory. Nothing like being able to get a nice whiff of the tobacco before purchase! 

We have all that you need for Hookah smoking too. 
Hookahs offer a very unique style of smoking that adds a different dimension to the enjoyment of premium tobacco. The technique of the smoke passing through water creates a cool, smooth, and luxurious smoking experience. We offer a wide range of hookahs in many sizes, styles, and price ranges so there is an option for everyone. We also offer a wide variety of hookah tobacco and everything else you’ll need to enjoy this fine hobby.

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Guillotine – Single/Double
Punch / Bullet
V-Shape / Diamond
Montecristo Double Cutter
La Traviata Double Cutter
Xikar Perdomo Double Cutter

Cigar Holders

3 Finger
2 Finger
Leather Pouches

Humidors and Accessories

Table Tops – Multiple Brands
Travel Humidors
Vertical 100 Count
Cigar Jars
Golf Bag Humidor
Herf-A-Dor Humidors: Cammo
Humid-EZE Cups/Packs
Bovida Humidpacks
Humidor Disc/Brick Solution
Humidor Bricks

Lighters & Matches

DJeep Butane Lighter
Torch Lighters:
NFL Lighters
Rocky Patel
Vertigo by Lotus
Cigar Savor 2
Zippo NFL Gift Set
Xikar Premium Butane
Zippo Premium Butane
Zippo Lighter Fluid / Flints
Cigar Candle – Smoke Eater
Re-Fresh Smoke Eliminato

Cigar Ashtrays

Cystals-Multiple Brands
La Traviata
La Flor Dominicana
5 Vegas
Even More to Choose From!

Cigar Snuffers
Cigar Core Punch
Cigar Minder
Spittoons (Snuff)

Corn Cob
Gardesana Italian
Dr. Grawbow and more

Pipe Accessories

Pipe Cleaners
Pipe Brushes
Pipe 3:1 Czeck Tool and others
Pipe Screens
Pipe Filters
Pipe Carrying Pouch

Pipe Furniture

Pipe Wood Stands – Many!
Pipe Stand Plastic Pocket
Pipe Stand Metal
Pipe Canister Set/Holders

Pipe tobacco

Sir Raleigh – Bulk / Pouches
Prince Albert – Bulk / Pouches
Bacco – Bulk
Supervalue – Bulk
Tobacco Galleria – Pouches
Mac Baren – Bulk
Altadis – Bulk
Sutliff Private Stock – Cans


Pipes: Single and Double Hose
Jewels Molasses Tobacco
Haze Tobacco
Hookah Freak
Charcol Briquets