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ZooBrew Rescheduled!

Too much expected bad weather tonight so they actually cancelled it. Looking at May 11th or 18th but leaning towards the 18th currently.


Congrats to Victoria Meek and Travis Baker each who picked up a Pair of VIP ZooBrew Tickets for this Friday!

Leaf by Oscar now in Stock!



When you first see the Leaf by Oscar cigar, you’ll say “What the…?” and then look around to see if someone’s messing with you. They’re not.

Look, we know the cigar isn’t going to win any beauty contests…until you take off that protective outer leaf, unwrapping it like a gift you didn’t think you wanted.

Trust us–you’ll want this.

Under that Leaf by Oscar leaf, you’ll find a perfectly-rolled cigar with a lusciously oily wrapper.  Look closely and you’ll be hard-pressed to find many veins. Take a glance at the foot—tightly (but not too tightly as you’ll see when you light up) and perfectly constructed Honduran long filler ready to surprise you again with rich flavor. Wahoo!

All Leaf by Oscar cigars are handmade in Honduras, banded with organic bands, and wrapped in a tobacco leaf.


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